Paper Planes

Yesterday, I went to visit my great uncle. He’s got two grandchildren, who I really think are the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. I’m usually pretty awful at social interaction with people I don’t know inside out, so I wasn’t very happy about being dragged along for this visit by my grandmother, and gave her a condition before we left, which was that we had to leave as soon as I signalled to her. In the end, though, it turned out to be me who made us stay longer, because I had so much fun playing with those kids. I have pretty much sucked at playing with children all my life, even when I was little myself; I never really understood the concept, and preferred the games I made up in my head. And even now we’re older, my sister is the one who has the magnetic pull over children,while I’m always too shy to play with them, at least in front of other older people. But this time, my sister wasn’t with me, and these two were far too cute to stay away from. So I played with them. And it turned out to be really, really fun.

One thing I really loved was that the little boy played with a paper plane. This family is pretty rich; a good sight better off than mine, at least, which is just average. And they’ve got tons of toys- rockets, talking animals,everything- and they love all of these, but the kids still play with the paper plane their granddad made for them, and I really love that they do.


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