The everyday miracle

Sorry about posting all this in one go, I’ve just got a lot that I’ve been storing up in my head for a while.

A few days ago, I was going up with my mum to her dental clinic, and we passed some construction workers. One of them was reciting poetry for the rest while they worked. It was in Malayalam (which is the native language in Kerala, where I live), and therefore almost impossible for me to understand, since although I speak the language decently, the poetry is usually in an older style, and difficult for me to make sense of unless it’s written down, and I can go through it (very) slowly with a dictionary/translator. Nevertheless, it’s beautiful to hear, with rhythm and sounds that make it sound like music even if it’s not sung (it sometimes is). I loved that someone could make a job like that into a work of art, and the fact sort of buoyed me up throughout the day. I like to call this the everyday miracle. The term isn’t strictly defined, it’s really just anything that makes me feel the way this did. It doesn’t have to be unusual. It really can be anything. I’m trying to teach myself to see more of them, because I think we miss so many wonderful things; things we really need to keep our hopes up in these strange lives of ours.

I hope that other people see them too, and share them. If you find one, tell me. I’d really love to hear it.


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