This is totally my song.

Today, I fell in love with a song the very first time I heard it. I love it when that happens- realising that a song says so many things you’ve never been able to say, and suddenly having the perfect way to say all those things; or finding that it speaks of exactly the thing you’re dealing with, when you’re confused, and feel alone and lost,and the song tells you that you’re not really doing such a bad job. I usually listen to the same songs, over and over again, because its so hard to find the kind of song I like when I don’t even know what kind that is. But sometimes, in a movie, on a TV show, or on the radio, or even over the speakers in a store, I find something perfect. And I go home, and look it up, and listen to it for ages, till I know it almost off by heart. Those times are really worth the wait.


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