And we saw the sea

Yesterday, my parents, my sister and I went to visit the lady who used to be our nanny when my sister and I were little. Her son is getting married next week and we won’t be able to attend the wedding, so we wanted to go and see her family before that.

They live near the sea, and the lady’s husband is a fisherman. There’s a big granite wall that separates the sea from all the houses in that area, and the whole place smells deliciously of salt water and the beach. When we were leaving, her husband was walking us to the end of the lane, and he asked if we wanted to see the ocean. So we said yes, of course, and he showed us how to climb up to stand on top of the wall. It was amazing. I’ve never seen the sea from so high up, yet so close.We could see tiny crabs running away from the waves, and ships on the horizon. There was no sand, just a few feet of mossy rocks between us and the sea, and I felt so magnificently alive.


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