I just won the lottery

Ok, don’t yell at me. I lied- it wasn’t really me who won the lottery, but that sounds better than “Someone I sort of know just won the lottery”. This is a tough field, people. You’ve got to do what it takes.

So. Today, the gardener/night watchman/everything-in-between-person at my grandparents’ house won the lottery (yes, they have a night watchman. My grandmother is seriously paranoid about the house being robbed). Admittedly, it was only 500 rupees that he won, and the amount the guy has spent on tickets to date probably amounts to about 5000 rupees, but still, it’s probably an amazing feeling to have won something. Personally, I have the worst luck in the world, when it comes to raffles, the lottery or anything of the sort. I’ve never won so much as a teddy bear in a school raffle. But I had written a diary entry just about a month ago about how I loved the fact that people maintained enough hope to keep buying lottery tickets even if they’d never won anything at all; and I am happy that all that hoping paid off.


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