I’m really not looking forward to this

So the day after tomorrow, I’ve got to go to another city which is a twelve hour drive away from here, for my dad’s college reunion- the second one I’m attending. His classmates are pretty nice, and I like most of the ones I know; but I am really not good at social interaction in any form, and some of the kids just aren’t as nice as their parents, and therefore I am definitely not looking forward to this. Last time I went, I had to make up a rather unflattering nickname for one of the kids to keep myself from losing it and/or clocking her while being repeatedly insulted by her. I’ve stocked up on the medicine that I had to use during my exams to calm my nerves, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be needing it. To make things worse, the college that my dad went to is my absolute dream place, to which I happen to have just about no chance of making it unless there is a true miracle. Going there is unlikely to make me feel anywhere in the vicinity of happy. This time, the reunion is for five days, which is even longer than last time. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to make it through.


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