Blood tests and stuff

Today we had a tour of the college and the hospital, and then a medical checkup. The hospital is huge and very confusing to walk around, but we were assured that we’d be fine in a month. Don’t know what I’ll do until then,though. 

The teachers gave some talks in the morning, and one of them said that the college is trying to do something about antibiotic resistance, and I honestly did a mental punching the air thing,because that problem is really out of control in this country. Wow, that sounds really nerdy. It’s true, though. I did a huge project on antibiotic resistance in school, and now it really bothers me, so I’m glad someone’s focussing on it.  

We had a blood test and a chest  X-ray  for the checkup,and they took about seven vials of blood, which was a bit scary. I kept thinking they’d stop, but they just brought one vacutainer after the other, and I was a bit surprised I had enough blood for all that. 

I’ve started talking more to one of my roommates. She’s nice,and reads a lot, so at least we’ve got something to talk about. Plus,  I think I’m a bit more comfortable with one of my friends now, although I seem to be getting worse again with the speaking-in-crowds situation. And I was doing so well, too. My progress had actually been quite commendable, but now we’re back to square one. I keep thinking that everyone really hates me and is just putting up with me because they don’t know what else to do. And I’m not even sure I’m wrong about that, so I’m kind of worried. 

But this is my alone thing. This writing I’m doing here is sort of like meditation. It’s what I do when constant contact with other people gets too much,and I just need to think and be quiet for a while. Which means it’s also what’s keeping me sane. It’s very tiring to be around people you have to talk to all the time, and sometimes I just say I’m going to bed, and come here and write for a bit. I’m lucky my roommates both sleep really early, so I get some time all to myself. My arm’s getting a bit tired though. Typing on a phone is hard. 

Well I’d better go to bed now. Busy day tomorrow. If I don’t sleep, I’ll be zombified the whole day. And that won’t be fun for anyone. 


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