So here we are.

College is… Well I’m not really sure yet. I’ve made some friends, I guess, but I haven’t yet established my position as despiser-of-EDM-and-most-pop-music-who-only-listens-to-music-noone-else-has-heard-of, so discussions about music (which took up most of today) are weird for me. I’d somewhat gotten past that in school. I don’t know if the others thought my singing was awful, and singing’s all I’m really good at, so I want my singing to be un-awful. 
My friends are fun, but I’m glad we don’t share rooms, because they’re not exactly like my old friends – they’re less weird- and I feel like I can’t really be me around them,so it’s nice to have some alone-time. 

It all feels so temporary , though, and that bothers me. I know this is my life for about five and a half more years now, but I keep thinking I’ll go home soon, and then everything will be back to normal. 

If you’ve got any tips on any of this, I’m listening.


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