This thing 

So we’ve got one new bathroom fitting. The bathroom door doesn’t have a handle at all (there is a hole in the door, I’m not even kidding) so the fact that it doesn’t fit in its door frame is irrelevant for the time being, but I thought they’d fix at least one of those problems. I was disappointed. What they did do was put this thing in the bathroom.

I’m talking about that rod. It’s at a height of about six and a half feet, so goodness knows how little five-foot-tall me is expected to reach it. There’s barely room for each of us (three people share a room) to fit a set of underwear on it (BTW the point of this is to hang wet clothes on it),plus, nothing will dry in this climate unless you put it under the ceiling fan overnight, so what earthly use this is to be of remains to be understood. We are all very confused. If you’ve got any ideas as to what we are to do with this, I’m all ears.


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