My name is Joanna. I live in India, I’m seventeen years old, and I’m trying to get into a medical college. That’s what the name of my blog is a reference to, by the way. I’m an unusually nervous person, and I imagine that medical college for a person like me will be third year syndrome every day. I’m not sure if I’ve got any chance of making it in this year. So I guess the name sort of implies hope that I will. But also, I couldn’t think of any better names after I came up with this one.

In case you’re wondering what I’m like- I’m pretty shy, like to read and sing, and am very short tempered, but I like to think my fits of anger end as soon as they begin. I don’t really know. This blog is me trying to keep from going crazy while I wait to find out if I did make it to a college. It’s anything that comes into my head, and I have no idea how it will turn out. If you’re here, I advise you to just go with it. Also, you’re awesome.